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International air transportation

We work directly with the world’s leading airlines such as Aeroflot, AirFrance/KLM, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Air Bridge Cargo, and with small regional airlines on all continents, therefore we can arrange prompt delivery of your cargo to any remote corner of the globe. Thanks to direct agency contracts, we offer the best routes at the most favorable rates.

As practice shows, often sending even a large consignment of cargo (up to 2 tons) can be more profitable by plane compared to other modes of transport, and in some directions, air traffic is the only delivery option.

Please see the details on the types of pallets and containers used for air transportation, depending on the type of aircraft and the possible payload of different types of aircraft, as well as the rules for calculating the volumetric weight.

If you are about to send your cargo by air, please take into account that air transportation imposes a number of conditions on the weight, dimensions and packaging of the cargo. At your request, we will develop the best way to deliver the goods, develop an individual route, and draw up all the necessary documents.

Delivery of hazardous goods

Hazardous goods are goods that, during transportation, may harm the health or life of people and/or the environment. Transportation of hazardous goods involves the use of various types of transport: air, land and sea.

When transporting hazardous goods as part of groupage cargo, certain standards of compatibility of various classes with each other should be followed. Delivery of hazardous goods is ensured in accordance with the regulatory documents governing certain actions related to this type of transportation, as well as requirements for the vehicle.

The transportation of hazardous goods requires mandatory labeling in accordance with the degree of hazard. A prerequisite for the transportation of this kind of goods is also the definition of the type and type of packaging. Nord Connect Company, taking into account all the features of the cargo belonging to the category of “hazardous goods”, will choose the optimal delivery method, while ensuring the required level of security.

Experienced specialists will control implementation of all operations performed, monitor compliance with the rules and regulations of transportation established by state bodies, in the country of departure, and along the entire route of the cargo.

Nord Connect offers the following services on transportation of hazardous goods:

  • Determination and confirmation of the hazard class of the cargo by our own certified specialists;
  • Checking conformity of the packaging to the degree of hazard according to IATA and required marking of the cargo;
  • Provision of certified packaging, additional packaging of cargo in accordance with IATA requirements;
  • Door-to-door forwarding and security support;
  • Optimization of the route and time of transportation, round-the-clock monitoring of the movement of goods;
  • Free advice on all issues related to the transport of hazardous goods;
  • Registration of all accompanying documentation;
  • Insurance.

Export and import

We will organize interaction with the customs authorities, we will help you to correctly draw up documentation for goods imported into and exported from Russia. We will provide transportation of exhibition and diplomatic cargo.

The list of services rendered by Noord Connect refers to:

  • Preparation of a foreign economic contract and other documents;
  • Obtaining the necessary certificates and permits;
  • Calculation of the amount of customs duties and other fees;
  • Consulting on customs procedures and legislation;
  • Control of all stages of cargo clearance at customs;
  • Providing your interests at the customs terminals of Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

If you need to export your goods outside the Russian Federation, we will advise you on the current legislation and help you comply with all the required formalities, if necessary, provide customs clearance in the country of destination.

Forwarding services

Throughout Europe, from Europe to Russia and countries of Central Asia and Middle East, from China to Europe, Russia and CIS countries

Thanks to many years of experience, highly qualified personnel and a developed network of partners, we guarantee achievement of an optimal combination of price, route and delivery time.

Our experts will analyze your application, select the optimal cargo delivery scheme, determine the timing and methods of delivery, insure your cargo, draw up documents, define customs codes and give an opinion on rates, organize security and storage.

The working conditions on the European market are governed by the following documents:

  • Terms and Conditions of the Dutch Transport and Logistics Association (Nederlands xpeditievoorwaarden - Fenex), unless otherwise agreed;
  • National Transportation: AVC Terms (2002);
  • International transport: CMR conditions in addition to AVC conditions;
  • Payment for services is governed by the terms of TLN.

Multimodal transportation


Sea container transportation
Road transportation
Rail transportation

Warehouse services

Public offer agreement for storage and warehouse service .pdf

Russian Federation, EU, India, China

Warehouse logistics is the most important link in any cargo transportation scheme. We offer warehousing and cargo handling services, taking into account the physical characteristics and special requirements for different types of cargo, including special temperature conditions and safe storage for high value cargo.

All warehouses we use are conveniently located and equipped with modern management systems.


On water, on land and in the sky

Cargo insurance is one of the most important procedures in organizing transportation. Nord Connect Company always draws up an insurance policy for the cargo for the entire duration of the journey, so you can always count on a full refund of the value of your cargo in the event of any force majeure situations on the water, land and in the sky.


We reduce the costs

We offer consulting services in the field of logistics, organization of cargo transportation and implementation of project deliveries. Our more than twenty years of experience in this area helps clients realize significant cost savings and find non-standard ways to solve problems related to the procurement, transportation, certification, customs clearance and distribution of goods.

En Поставка авиазапчастей

Высокое качество и широкая география поставок

Наша компания поставляет в любую точку мира запчасти и комплектующие для воздушных судов и вертолётов российского и иностранного производства. Поставляемое оборудование имеет все необходимые сертификаты и полностью соответствует требованиям безопасности полетов.

For designers and decorators

The future was already there.

We offer aircraft and helicopter parts and components for designers and decorators, artists and manufacturers of interior items for use in your facilities.

About us

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The main specialization of the company is export air and multimodal transportation to the countries of Asia and Africa, road transportation of goods from the EU countries to Russia, the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East.

Nord Connect is an international freight forwarder with a full range of services for the transportation and customs clearance of goods of various categories transported by air, sea, rail and road.

We will organize interaction with customs, help you correctly draw up documentation for goods imported into and exported from Russia. We will provide customs transit through the territory of the Russian Federation and transshipment of goods from cars to air transport in the customs transit mode. We will transport exhibition and diplomatic cargo.

Nord Connect has extensive experience in transportation to hard-to-reach and unpopular regions, such as Sudan (trade agency and delivery, air delivery of hazardous goods of hazard class 1), Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand (organization of multimodal transportation of goods of 1 hazard class with transshipment from air to sea transport), DR Congo (delivery of hazardous goods of the 1st hazard class), Afghanistan (delivery of aviation spare parts), Guatemala and other successful projects that have been implemented in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We guarantee all our clients prompt, uninterrupted and safe transportation of goods. The accumulated experience allows us to foresee all the nuances and make cooperation with us as convenient as possible. Nord Connect Company is a member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, Association of Russian Freight Forwarders (ARE) and Lognet Global international association of freight forwarders.



We support sailing

The OZ Sailing Team on the Open 60 class yacht OZ takes part in the world’s most difficult regattas.