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The main specialization of the company is export air and multimodal transportation to the countries of Asia and Africa, road transportation of goods from the EU countries to Russia, the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East.

Nord Connect is an international freight forwarder with a full range of services for the transportation and customs clearance of goods of various categories transported by air, sea, rail and road.

We will organize interaction with customs, help you correctly draw up documentation for goods imported into and exported from Russia. We will provide customs transit through the territory of the Russian Federation and transshipment of goods from cars to air transport in the customs transit mode. We will transport exhibition and diplomatic cargo.

Nord Connect has extensive experience in transportation to hard-to-reach and unpopular regions, such as Sudan (trade agency and delivery, air delivery of hazardous goods of hazard class 1), Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand (organization of multimodal transportation of goods of 1 hazard class with transshipment from air to sea transport), DR Congo (delivery of hazardous goods of the 1st hazard class), Afghanistan (delivery of aviation spare parts), Guatemala and other successful projects that have been implemented in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We guarantee all our clients prompt, uninterrupted and safe transportation of goods. The accumulated experience allows us to foresee all the nuances and make cooperation with us as convenient as possible. Nord Connect Company is a member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, Association of Russian Freight Forwarders (ARE) and Lognet Global international association of freight forwarders.