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Delivery of hazardous goods

Hazardous goods are goods that, during transportation, may harm the health or life of people and/or the environment. Transportation of hazardous goods involves the use of various types of transport: air, land and sea.

When transporting hazardous goods as part of groupage cargo, certain standards of compatibility of various classes with each other should be followed. Delivery of hazardous goods is ensured in accordance with the regulatory documents governing certain actions related to this type of transportation, as well as requirements for the vehicle.

The transportation of hazardous goods requires mandatory labeling in accordance with the degree of hazard. A prerequisite for the transportation of this kind of goods is also the definition of the type and type of packaging. Nord Connect Company, taking into account all the features of the cargo belonging to the category of “hazardous goods”, will choose the optimal delivery method, while ensuring the required level of security.

Experienced specialists will control implementation of all operations performed, monitor compliance with the rules and regulations of transportation established by state bodies, in the country of departure, and along the entire route of the cargo.