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Новости индустрии

The flag-carrier from Taiwan currently only operates around 200 passenger flights a month, which is a significant drop compared with 200 flights a day before the pandemic. The implementation rate is about 3 - 4% only. The airline's overall revenue from passenger operations in April and May has fallen from NTD 8-9 billion (around USD 300 million) to only NTD 300-500 million (around USD 16 million). Читать полностью
DHL signed up for three Boeing 767-300 aircraft to be converted to freighters, including an extra fourth aircraft as an option, the company that will partake the conversions, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), announced on June 22, 2020. As of June 22, 2020, DHL owns 11 Boeing 767 freighters, 10 of which were converted from passenger aircraft, planespotters.net data shows. Читать полностью